Brandon Flying Club


Purpose and Mission Statement

  • Brandon Flying Club is established, maintained, and conducts the organization for the purpose of promoting flying, flight safety, and advancing the study and practice of flying, flight engineering, aeronautics, and aviation.
  • Brandon Flying Club shall acquire and hold land, buildings, and essential assets for the purpose of establishing and maintaining depots, hangars, workshops, and meeting areas for the care, housing, reception, and dispatch of aircraft for the purpose of the Corporation and of the members thereof.
  • Brandon Flying Club shall acquire, hold, operate, and maintain all manner of heavier-than-air, lighter-than-air, and all sport aviation airships and activities.

The Corporation shall be carried on without pecuniary gain to its members and that any profits or other accretions to the Corporation shall be used in promoting its objects.

The subscribers hereto shall be the first members of the Corporation under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act and the Corporation shall consist of the subscribers and of those who shall hereafter duly become members of the Corporation in accordance with the bylaws in force.

The first Directors of the Corporation shall be as set out in the petition herein.