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Brandon Flight Centre

The Brandon Flying Club

Since 1936 we have trained pilots, maintained and fuelled aircraft, and assisted the general and commercial aviation industry. Thousands of pilots have passed through our doors and gone on to service in Canada’s military or commercial aviation. We are extremely proud of our roots and our important role in aviation history over the last 81 years.

Our team of professional aviation experts are here and ready to assist you with any of your aviation requirements. We look forward to seeing you soon in CYBR!

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Membership Benefits

Membership has its benefits!  It is a statement that is commonly used, but at the Brandon Flight Centre, it is the core of our Flight Club!  Our members have been the heart of the organization since 1936, and they continue to be the very sole of our foundation! Being a member of the Brandon Flying Club means that you have a passion for aviation, and want to share that love of flying with the members of your community!

  • The opportunity to participate in educational seminars that are hosted quarterly.

  • Access to our fleet of BFC aircraft at a reduced rate.

  • Preferred pricing for aircraft maintenance.

  • Fuel discounts

  • Invitations to fly-ins, BBQ’s, and more!

  • The opportunity to share your vision for the BFC with like-minded individuals!

  • Discounted rates with BFC partners including Lakeview Inn & Suites, Enterprise Car Rentals, and more!

  • Be a part of our student days where we invite students (typically grades 5-6) to learn about aviation.

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Being a member means more than having a membership card.  It allows you to become a part of history!  Stop by for a coffee, and see just what the BFC can do for you!

History & Mission Statement

The Brandon Flying Club was established on November 28, 1936 and incorporated on January 2, 1937. It is a Not-for-Profit Corporation and was originally named the Brandon-Virden Flying Club. At this time Cecil Leech, who was one of the founding members, was the Club’s President, as well as its Chief Flight Instructor. Mr. Leech was holder of both an RCAF and civilian rating as a pilot instructor and proved invaluable in training civilian pilots and RCAF personnel for the Club as time went on. The club began as a training school for pilots.

At this time, all civil flying was under the jurisdiction of the Department of National Defence and thus the Club’s first move was to gain access to the Canadian Flying Club Association. In order to encourage civilian flying, the department had an arrangement through the Flying Club Association, whereby member clubs who purchased a new training plane were provided with a second trainer. Thus, two new planes were purchased, a Taylor Cub and an Aronca Cabin.

By the fall of 1941, the Club was forced to shut down operations for the duration of the war due to lack of students and personnel leaving for other employment or joining the military services. It should be noted that by 1939, the Brandon Flying Club was very highly regarded by both inspectors of the Department of National Defense and the Flying Club officials. The Brandon Flying Club was selected as the first club in Canada to train pilots for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The Club has grown substantially since its conception in 1943. Promotion and education of aviation remains a large focus of the BFC and is fostered through attending fairs within the region, fly-ins, social events, public speaking, opening our doors to other clubs to hold their meetings, website updates, and the training of anyone who would like to obtain their pilot’s licence. To date the BFC maintains its Flight Academy, which includes a Chief Flight Instructor and one part-time flight instructor and an enrolment of many eager students.

At present, the BFC still occupies the original building and land. Today, within our arsenal of planes, the Club owns three Cessna 172’s. We service all of our membership planes, as well as transient customers from Brandon, all of Manitoba, as well as Canada and International planes. The Club now employs 12 full-time and part-time staff and has an active Board of Directors that includes seven Board members with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Presently, the BFC has a membership of over 170 male and female members. The Club is lucky to have over 40 lifetime members and they share with the Club their love and great enthusiasm of flying, and along with many, a colourful story of the history of events of the BFC. As well, the Club has six active committees helping to further the viability of the BFC.

A Not-for-Profit Act has been introduced by the Canadian Government and the BFC is undergoing yet another change to meet the needs of the New Act, which was implemented in 2014. Change is not uncommon to the BFC as it has weathered many throughout the years but no matter what has taken place, the BFC is still a viable training and flying Club with active enthusiastic members.

Purpose and Mission Statement

Brandon Flight Centre is established, maintained, and conducts the organization for the purpose of promoting flying, flight safety, and advancing the study and practice of flying, flight engineering, aeronautics, and aviation.

Brandon Flight Centre shall acquire and hold land, buildings, and essential assets for the purpose of establishing and maintaining depots, hangars workshops, and meeting areas for the care, housing, reception, and dispatch of aircraft for the purpose of the Corporation and of the members thereof.

Brandon Flight Centre shall acquire, hold, operate, and maintain all manner of heavier-than-air, lighter-than-air, and all sport aviation airships and activities.

The Corporation shall be carried on without pecuniary gain to its members and that any profits or other accretions to the Corporation shall be used in promoting its objects.

The subscribers hereto shall be the first members of the Corporation under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act and the Corporations shall consist of the subscribers and of those who shall hereafter duly become members of the Corporation in accordance with the bylaws in force.

The first Directors of the Corporation shall be as set out in the petition herein.