Brandon Flying Club

Pilot Licence

How do I become a Pilot?

Today the Flying Club is proud to provide a flight training program that is second to none.  Our training facility is well equipped with classrooms, briefing rooms, flight lounge and more.

Step One: A Discovery Flight
Your first step in flight training is to take a Discovery Flight.  This will give you the opportunity to fly an airplane under the direction of a qualified Flight Instructor.  One of our instructors will give you a short flying lesson where you will sit in the pilot’s seat, have the chance to handle the controls, and generally become familiar with the aircraft and your training area.

Your Instructor will give you a tour of the Club, show you our facilities, and answer any questions you may have.  Discovery Flights are available by appointment may be made by calling our office.


Becoming A Pilot

Transport Canada sets the standard for all pilot licensing.  You must have a minimum number of hours of ground school, 25 hours of flight training for the Recreational Permit (including 5 solo) and 45 hours of flight training (including 12 hours of solo) for the Private License.  After you receive an endorsement from your instructor, you may undertake the written exam and flight test.


Everyone works at their own rate, depending on time and money.  The Private and Recreational Pilot courses can be completed in anywhere from 8 weeks to 1 or 2 years.  Many people attend school or Work full-time while getting their license or permit.

Five Reasons Why The Brandon Flying Club Is The Right Place To Learn

Brandon’s only full-time flight school offers a continuous regular ground school.  Recreational, Private, and Commercial courses.  Night VFR Over the Top and Instrument Ratings are also available at the Club.  Transport Canada Written Recreational, Private, Ultra Light, and Helicopter exams can be completed here as well.

On average our training costs less than the national average.  Accelerated learning is possible because we run a complete operation with top quality instructors and fully equipped training aircraft.  The Brandon Flying Club gives you the best value for your training dollar.

Statistics prove that southern Manitoba has excellent weather and terrain for conducting VFR flight training.

For a varied flight experience Brandon has light aircraft, commuter twins, military trainers, commercial jets, and helicopters using the airport daily.  With the practice area close by and no delays on the ground or in the air you receive the most efficient educational environment possible.

There is a lounge in the hangar as well as a flight planning room, briefing rooms, waiting room, and the flight office.  Maintenance, fuel, and storage are available at the club.

Brandon Flying Club – Qualifications For A Pilot Licence Or Permit

1. The student must be either a Canadian citizen, Landed Immigrant, British Subject or from a country that has an aviation agreement with Canada.

2. The student should be at least fourteen (14) years of age to commence training, and must be sixteen (16) to be issued the Recreational Permit and must be seventeen (17) before the Private licence will be issued.

3. The student must successfully pass a medical examination from a Transport Canada Doctor for the Private Licence or from your family physician for the Recreational Permit.

Training Requirements


A medical for the Private Licence must be taken from one of the Transport Canada Doctors listed below.  For the Recreational Permit, a medical authorization from your family doctor will do.  It is recommended that the medical should be taken before training begins to ascertain you meet the medical standards.  Your approved medical must be received before your instructor can let you fly solo.


NOTE: Please ensure that the name on your medical is EXACTLY the same as on your birth certificate!


All persons using Club facilities must hold a valid membership in the club.  All memberships cost $100.00 per year.


Brandon Flying Club Membership entitles each member to use the facilities of our clubhouse.  The clubhouse operates seven days per week and offers a classroom, lounge and waiting room.  There are also fly outs and other social events held at the clubhouse throughout the year.


Documents required at the time of enrollment or prior to solo flight are:
1.  If born in Canada, a Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate.
2.  If born outside Canada, one of the following:

  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate;
  • Canadian Immigration Identification Card;
  • Canada Entry Record;
  • Canada Admission Record and Employment Visa; or
  • Passport.

Ground School

For the flying courses each student is required to obtain a minimum number of hours of formal lectures on subjects such as Air Regulations, Airmanship, Navigation, Meteorology, Theory of Flight, Pilot Decision Making, Engines, Airframes and use of the radio.  These lectures are supplemented by use of overheads and videotape presentations of various subjects.

Ground school lectures consist of approximately 45 hours of instruction.

Upon completion of ground school and a minimum of ten hours of flying, the student may attempt the Transport Canada written examinations.  Arrangements may be made with your instructor.


The student may commence flight training immediately after enrollment.  The Club is open for training during daylight hours seven days per week.  The flight instructor will also give the student a briefing prior and after most flights.  Upon completion of flight training, a flight test is required, in order to qualify for a Pilot Licence or Pilot Permit.

Payment for flight instruction may be made by cheque, credit card, cash or interac, following each flight.  Prepayment options are also available, see the FAQ section in the following pages.

As a licensed pilot or permit holder and a member of the Brandon Flying Club, you are entitled to rent club aircraft for either local flying or extended trips away from Brandon.  The aircraft are rented with the club’s standard “aircraft rental policy”, and the flying rates in effect at the time.  The present rates are listed on their respective pages.

The Brandon Flying Club is a recognized educational institution, and as a non-profit organization is dedicated to providing flying training at the lowest possible costs.  It is important to understand that the more frequently you fly the more efficient your training will be and the less it will cost you.  It is wise to arrange your financing before you begin so your training will not be interrupted by lack of funds.