Aircraft Ferrying & Rentals

Aircraft Ferrying & Rentals

When you utilize Brandon Flight Centre to ferry your aircraft, you can rest easy knowing that you are hiring a professional who will care for your aircraft as if it were our own. We will treat your Ferry Flight as if we were paying out of our own pocket while never compromising the safety and security of your aircraft.

The Skill And Experience That Make The Difference!

Skilled personnel & a wealth of experience ensure the smooth delivery of your aircraft each and every time.  Brandon Flight Centre provides safe, on time and reliable aircraft ferry service across North America for virtually all types of personal & commercial aviation aircraft.

Brandon Flight Centre’s reputation for excellence is the result of a commitment to the highest level of customer satisfaction and flight operations safety. Ask anyone who has used BFC for this service and you will find out this team of aircraft ferry specialists are well respected as the premier aircraft delivery service.

BFC’s success and reputation come from doing the job right and a flawless record of delivering aircraft. From as close as the next airport, to any point throughout North America, exhaustive planning and pre-flight preparation go into each and every trip. Our top-notch team of professionals holds impeccable credentials.

Ferry & Delivery Services

BFC will arrange and obtain important aircraft documentation including:

  • Certificate of Registration (C of R)

  • Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) / Export C of A

  • Certificate of Insurance

Customizable Services

  • Certificate of Registration (C of R)

  • Letter of Authorization for RVSM/MNPS

  • Aircraft insurance

  • Aircraft acceptance

  • Acceptance/test flights

Operational Support

  • Flight planning

  • Overflight/landing permits

  • TSA

  • Customs

  • eAPIS

  • Handling

  • Flight following

Contact the professionals at BFC today for a no-obligation quote on ferrying your aircraft.  Our team is ready to assist you 24 / 7 / 365!

Aircraft Rentals

Quality, Comfort and Convenience for rent!

Brandon Flight Centre extends our commitment to excellence to aircraft rental.  We provide competitive rental rates on our fleet of Cessna 172 aircraft that are meticulously maintained inside and out.

Want to get into the air, but don’t have your own aircraft?  Brandon Flight Centre has the solution! For many pilots, aircraft ownership does not make financial sense, therefore we offer aircraft rentals to all members of BFC.  Whether it is to fly to your favourite destination or just get some time in the air, this is the perfect solution for you!

There is no daily minimum charge, and the only pre-requisite is that you must be a member in good standing with the BFC.  If you’re planning an excursion, are a pilot in training or if you just want to see a location from the air, our rental fleet is ready for you. Clean and well-maintained, we offer aircraft rentals at competitive pricing.

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