All students must be a member of Brandon Flying Club prior to beginning flying lessons.

Memberships are $100.00 per year. The Brandon Flying Club is a Not For Profit Organization and this fee goes directly back into the club!

A membership entitles each member to use the facilities of the clubhouse as well as additional savings opportunities. Further, a membership grants you exclusive newsletters, event invitations and more!

Additionally , we offer coffee , tea , pilots lounge , waiting rooms, computer/printer for students and much more!

All Doctors approved by Transport Canada are listened on their website on the “Civil Aviation Medical Examiners” page.

Link: Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medical Examiners

  • You must be a Canadian Citizen, landed immigrant , British Subject OR from a country that has an aviation agreement with Canada.
  • International Students require a  Visa from Canadian Citizenship and immigration will be required before coming to Brandon.
  • Must be at least 14 years of age to commence training.
  • Must be 16 to be issued a Recreational Pilots Permit.
  • Must be 17 to be issued a Private Pilots License.
  • Must successfully pass a medical exam from a Transport Canada approved doctor to obtain a Private Licence.
  • Must successfully pass a medical exam from your family doctor to obtain a Recreation Permit.

If you were born in Canada you will require either a

  • Birth Certificate


  • Baptismal Certificate

If you were born outside of Canada, you will require a

  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate
  • Canadian Immigration Identification Card
  • Canada Entry Record
  • Canada Admission Record
  • Employment Visa
  • Passport

As of 10/14/2019 The Brandon Flight Centre’s winter schedule will take effect.

Monday- Sunday: 0800-1700

Call out services will still be available after hours, 24/7. *charges apply*

Payment for flight instruction may be made by credit card, cash, or debit card, following each flight.

Pre-payment options are also available.

Additionally, Student Aviation Financial Services are available through application.

The first step on your way to becoming a pilot is to book a discover flight with our instructors. This gives you an opportunity to fly an airplane under the direction of an instructor. You will receive a short flying lesson before take off. during the lesson your instructor will familiarize you with the controls and aircraft.  The instructor will also give you a tour of our facility.

Recreational Permit 25 hours of flight training ,including 5 hours of solo flight.

Private Licence-45 hours of flight training , includes 12 hours of solo flight. After you have received an endorsement from your instructor , you may take the written exam and flight test.

All aviation students work at their own rate, depending on time and money.

Private and Recreational Pilot courses can be completed in anywhere from 12 weeks to 1/2 years.

Students are required to obtain a minimum number of hours in Ground School. Lectures are most frequently held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 18:00-22:00

When students have completed ground school and a minimum of 10 flight hours , they may attempt the Transport Canada written exam.

please contact our chief flight instructor for more information

Students may start flight training immediately after enrollment.  

Discovery/Intro  Flights are strongly recommended before enrollment in order to experience the controls and feel of flying an aircraft.

Upon completion of flight training , a flight test is required in order to qualify for a Pilots Licence or Recreational Permit.

A “Discovery/Intro” is for individuals whom are interested in pursuing a Pilots Licence or Permit. 

A discovery flight is the perfect way to start a career as a pilot, this gives you the chance to fly an aircraft, before enrolling in flight academy!

To begin a discovery flight, an instructor will give you a basic tour of our facilities. He/she will show you the classroom(s) used for ground school, flight planning station, hangar(s) and more.

Following the tour of the Centre, you will receive short lesson on one of the Brandon Flying Club Aircraft’s. This lesson will teach you briefly on how to read and maneuver the airplane.

After take off, the instructor will hand the controls over to you, guiding you on a scenic route around the Westman area.  You will experience how truly indescribable flying an airplane feels. Through practicing gaining and losing altitude, banks, and staying on a straight course, you will be able to decided for yourself if a career in aviation is right for you.

The Brandon Flight Centre owns two beautiful aircraft’s, a  Cessna 172M  & a Cessna 172N.