BFC aircraft maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance & Repair

Let our highly experienced aircraft maintenance team and equipment serve you better. From SATLOC sales and installation, servicing Ultra lights to Navajo’s, Robinson helicopters, Ag Wagons to Dromaders, to routine maintenance and special repairs, our staff are here to serve you.

Services of the Shop
  • Major and Minor Repairs

  • Aircraft Painting

  • Import and Exportation C of A’s

  • 100hr Annual Inspections

  • Private Helicopter Repairs

  • Aircraft Modifications

  • Interior Recovering and Repairs

  • Avionics Sales and Installation

  • Vortex Generators

  • Horton STOL Kits

  • Custom-Built Avionics Packages

Shop Rates

Private Aircraft: $95/hr

Commercial Aircraft: $100/hr